First-ever Environmental Edutainment in the World
via Robotics & Augmented Reality

Robotics &
Augmented Reality

Project Kappa is an Environmental Edutainment. Users get to learn to build an Environmental Sensor through the Kappa Module and adopt the sensor they have developed as a Virtual Pet (Kappa) in the Augmented Reality Game. It needs the integration of the sensor and game.

From the adopted pet, the users can empathize the condition of the environment at the same time, raising the awareness of the environment surroundings.


We enjoy building environment sensor while learning with no limit through
Enhanced Online and Offline Edutainment Experience

Online EXperience

In Project Kappa, we provide step-by-step “cookbook” instructions on building an environmental sensor and deliver a savvy educational experience.

Living Lab -Offline Experience

In Project Kappa,we create a living lab environment, whereby the children are able to immerse themselves into a real-life context, solving the environmental issue.

and catch your kappa

After building your sensor, its time for you to adopt your own Kappa, 

and PLAY with it!!

Kappa is still hatching...

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